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Mother tongue, tied

Published @ Business Standard
Photo: Unsplash/Merch Husey Mr Modi has confessed that his wax alter-egos understand him best, in his mother tongue of course, because he can talk at length without being asked fraudulent, Nehruvian questions Mr Modi has come straight from the Wuhan summit with the Chinese President, where he no doubt spoke in his mother tongue when he convinced the premiere to concentrate on dhokla rather than Doklam. Emboldened by his persuasive faculties, he came to Karnataka and straightway challenged the pitiable…
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The incorrigible cheesiness of the great Indian hall of fame

Sarnath Banerjee, who pioneered the graphic novel form in India did commit one mistake. If not in his debut work Corridor, he kind of excelled himself in his second novel, The Barn Owl’s Wondrous Capers, a rollicking, lip-smacking, throat-bursting satire on babu life in 19th century Calcutta that was full of the clever, rip-roaring humour that Sarnath has made his own. Barn was loosely based on the mood of a seminal work on Calcutta’s low, colloquial life in mid-19th century…

Two or three reasons in favour of smoking

Published @ Daily News & Analysis
To smoke like Belmondo In Jean Luc Godard’s Peter The Fool, anti-hero Peter/Pierre was so mesmerised by Humphrey Bogart’s buccaneer charms in the doomed love classic Casablanca that he started imitating him. And what did Pierre find most attractive about the plain-looking Bogart? His way of smoking the cigarette while it hanged incisively from a given angle in his mouth. The drifter Pierre, while running from gangsters, never lets the cigar fall from his mouth — as if that was his armour against…
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