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‘Cos, the meek shall never inherit the cup

Published @ Daily News & Analysis
Yellow loves the Green Long ago a song chronicling days spent in a guiltless tavern, said: We’d fight and never lose/ For we were young and sure to have our way. The winners and losers of the first round of the soccer World Cup possibly lie printed, clearly, on a chart near you — the names are mostly predictable, the bets have been worked this way or the other. But the song keeps coming back reminding us that the…
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A day of cricket, pulp fiction and other sundry ideas

Published @ Daily News & Analysis
The bars fill up the day before. Oly Pub, 2009. Photo by author. Last Wednesday I walked into a popular pub in Kolkata. Olypub, as it is commonly called, was packed with customers by the time the twilight gave way to the neons. It was too early for the regular bench grabbers — the usual office crowd. So what was the occasion? A man approached me, guessing my perplexity. He whispered, ‘they are stacking for the bandh tomorrow.’ That was…
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