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Calcutta is a horizontal experience

Published @ Bengal Post
If India ever needed an eye to look at itself visually and viscerally, it would have its task cut out. It just has to borrow RAGHU RAI’S lens, because no other lensman has so vividly captured the country’s inexhaustive diversity and energy. The endearing Raghu Rai started as a photo-journalist with The Statesman in Calcutta in 1965 and has later been associated with Sunday and India Today as the photo editor. In 1977, at the behest of none other than…

The margin is at the centre of my art

Published @ Bengal Post
Pablo Bartholomew needs no introduction. But then, he does. Because his repertoire is ever-increasing, prompting the photographer in him to reinvent his worldview, to visit places and people not many would want to, to keep renewing his faith on the wonders of the planet, wonders that have time and again appeared in myriad forms of hope, earnestness and even devastation in front of him, for him to lovingly and keenly capture them for eternity. Before his new show in the…

Images of the great masters

Published @ Daily News and Analysis
Nemai Ghosh has been capturing well-known Indian artists at work for years now. But his favourite time was spent with Satyajit Ray, he tells Sayandeb Chowdhury It was in late 1967 or early 1968. Nemai Ghosh was deeply involved in theatre. He was also an observer of endless card playing sessions at his south Kolkata apartment. Ghosh was not a photographer by any stretch of imagination. Then one day, purely by chance, he acquired a fixed-lens QL 17 Canonette. And…
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