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In search of a gestalt in Ray’s cinema

Published @ Critical Collective
Satyajit Ray’s colossal presence in Indian cinema is in no need of commendation. His centenary is expected to further illuminate Ray as a storyteller, author, graphic-artist, publicist and illustrator. Despite sporadic efforts, the different manifestations of Ray’s work have so far been seen in segregation, refusing as it were, to probe into an omniscient meta-narrative that could have, undetected, informed his harvest. Are we only to contend then, with the different faces of a polygonal genius? Or is there in…

Shot on location

Published @ Art India
Nemai Ghosh. Ray on the beach while shooting the documentary Bala [1976] Nemai Ghosh. A still from Satyajit Ray’s Jana Aranya [1975] Nemai Ghosh. A still from Satyajit Ray’s Ghare-Baire [1984]…